Paul's Odyssey
America 1945-1985

by Paul A. Strassmann

Paul's Odyssey follows experiences from the end of WWII until retirement from a corporate career in 1985. It tracks education from the Cooper Union and M.I.T. through increasingly senior computer-related jobs in General Foods, the National Dairy Products Corporation and in Xerox. Failed attempts to introduce computers made by Xerox Data Systems and the missed opportunities to advance innovations from the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) are discussed in detail. After retirement as Vice-President of Xerox, he continues an active career as consultant, lecturer, public servant and academic.

Paul Strassmann arrived in the United States in 1948. His career includes 42 years as chief computer executive for Xerox, the US Department of Defense and NASA. He received academic appointments at the US Military Academy, West Point as well as at the George Mason University, and authored five books and over three hundred technical articles. He holds the Defense Department's Distinguished Public Service Medal and the NASA Medal for Exceptional Service.

Paul's Odyssey
ISBN 978-0962041365
2008. paperback, 386 pages.
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