Information Payoff
The Transformation of Work in the Electronic Age

by Paul A. Strassmann

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This book looks at information technology from three perspectives: individual, organizational and societal. For the individual, Strassmann draws on documented studies to prove the dramatic effects that electronic workstations can have on employee performance, attitudes and behavior. For the organizational viewpoint, Strassmann reveals his revolutionary techniques for allowing managers to measure quantitatively whether computers enhance productivity - whether, in short, they pay of themselves. And for society, Strassmann explains why no business, no matter how extensively automated, will not remain productive unless it understands the equally tangible value of human capital in an information economy. Managing technology, Strassmann demonstrates in this magisterial work, means managing the people who use it.

"INFORMATION PAYOFF straddles the line between scholarly text and a best seller. For those who work with information technology , this may be the year's most important book."
-- On-Line Today Magazine

"This well-written non-technical book should be required reading for anyone interested in office automation. It has been well researched, its ideas are clearly expressed. An impressive book, which merits frequent reference by management and specialists alike during any office automation planning study."
-- Automating the Office

"When management gurus venture into print, the results are sometimes disappointing. Strassmann's book is well structured and thoughtful analysis of how information technology is transforming work. Strassmann's stature as a thinker rests not upon great intuition leaps, but upon a resolution to work the implications."
-- The Foundation Bulletin

"For the chief executive office, chief information officer, information manager, and office automation specialist who expects to hear from an expert who tells it like it is, Strassmann's INFORMATION PAYOFF will, indeed pay off. The idea of using a labor value-added approach to cope with the dilemma of defining and measuring the productivity of information workers is an enlightening and useful one."
-- Information Management Review

"In his new book, INFORMATION PAYOFF, Paul Strassmann reaches some conclusions that, if accepted as presented, might tend to dampen investors' enthusiasm for the stocks of those computer companies that focus on office automation."
-- Morgan Stanley Investment Research

"There is no doubt that this book is addressed to those who run organizations. Strassmann punctuates the book, which moves from the impact of information technology on the individual to the organization, with careful arguments which frequently come to conclusions that run counter to received wisdom."
-- Business Computing and Communications

Few subjects are more timely than the question of how business, computers, and people will interact in the so-called information age, which for the past decade has been just around the corner. Probably no one is better equipped to answer this question than Paul Strassmann."
-- Business Week

Information Payoff
Library of Congress Catalog 84-24737
ISBN 0-02-931720-7
1985. hardcover, 298 pages, 22 illustrations.
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Original publisher: The Free Press

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